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mcalldp, I was doing some more sysex dumps last night and came across something odd. I was in play mode, doing each mode at 100% values, and the dump came up as 167 bytes. In the past, it varied from 182 – 176 bytes depending on mode (which I thought seemed wierd). Then I turned back the knobs, then turned them up to full, dumped and this time, every mode gave me a stable reading of 176 bytes. There is also a bit of a pattern forming (see below). Also, I turned off catchup and Xmt CC and Program changes. Could you possibly do some dumps, with knobs at full, no tap tempo, and let me know how many bytes you get?

Now I have to go back and redo some of the dumps I did earlier!

I've now assertained (sp) the following:

NB all for non tap tempo.

– Into/outro bits that go on every dump

– Device ID

– Mode setting

– I've located where the individual knob values are, but I am still working on i) what each one corresponds to (but that should be relatively simple) and ii) what hex value corresponds to the value you see on the tf (the more difficult bit). However, 100% = 37 66 65 on every knob, so I guess they used some sort of system that divides well for all the knobs. However, as mentioned previously, there are sometimes more than 1 hex code for each valu eon the tf. Will need to be explored. I'm also guessing that since the taper is not linear, there will be jumps.

– I think I've located the checksum. However, I have completely no idea as to how it's calculated.

What I'm going to experiment to find (hopefully in the near future):

– Which knob correspond to which bit of hex in the dump
– Values in hex for values on the tf

Looking further:

-How to calculate the tf->hex (this could be hard…)
-See how the exp pedal comes into the dump
-See how tap tempo affects things.

Will update when I have more info.

(sorry about the formatting. For some reason, I did paragraphs, but it's coming out in one lump)