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Hi Jeff,

I checked both of your user accounts and neither have an Eventide Stompbox registered to them. You should select one account and register your TimeFactor to it. Then proceed to the TimeFactor support page where you will then be able to download the Eventide Update Utility which will provide you the OS update. (Please note: In order to obtain access to any OS upgrade for any Eventide product, the corresponding product's serial number must be registered to your user account).

Once the Eventide Update Utility or EUU has successfully downloaded to your computer you will then need to connect your TimeFactor to your computer via the USB port. Select EUU and it will begin to search for devices; once it recognizes your TF a window will appear that will allow you to select the current available OS for your TF. Upon selecting the OS it will prompt you with various questions that you must answer accordingly. While performing the update, it is suggested that all other applications and programs running on your computer be turned off.

This should have you on your way Jeff. If you experience any further difficulties with the above process please contact us in Support – support@eventide.com

Good Luck!