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I play guitar, and I approached things the same way as you when I bought my H7600. Italo's answer was to use and possibly tweak the MidiRacks presets that come with the unit. They somehow do what you describe, although without the full flexibility of picking any effect. in a sense, that's what the Eclipse does. So we're effectively talking about algorithms (VSigfile) versus presets (Eclipse). There was a thread a while ago here whereby someone from Eventide was asking ideas users might have on how to create that type of modular functionality in VSigfile. Sure, there is the super-module concept, but each existing algorithm that could be compiled into a module is fairly large, so you couldn't compile more than 2 or 3 such super-modules into a preset.
What I wish existed is a set of basic (i.e. low CPU usage) modules covering all standard effects, and the ability to easily chain them and turn them on/off easily in VSigfile. Don't get me wrong, VSigfile can do all that, and you can even program a MIDI footboard to control all that, but it's not totally easy, i.e. level of programming complexity similar to MidiRacks.
In a sense, it would be great if there was a higher level VSigfile where less advanced programmers could combine effects in a chain more easily.
It's probably quite hard to do. I wound up learning VSigfile, but it is taking me a lot of time. So at this point, I wind up designing new effect chains using cheaper hardware and analog pedals that I owned before I bought the 7600, and program the chain via my SwitchBlade. Once I reach a chain that I really like, I try to program it in VSigfile. So at the end, it's a complex process. It would have been great if the units came with a vast suite of guitar setups, as MidiRacks is nice, but limited.
I still would buy my 7600 again, in fact, I should have bought the 8000 because I could compile more super-modules from existing large algorithms, but the price was high, and I didn't know all I've learned since then.