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i'd love native versions of the anthology bundle . i'm sure it's a huge amount of work to re-write all the plugs for AU/VST mac/PC but you'd sell an assload of them especially if you made them dongle free w/challenge response authorization so people could use them on their laptops. it'd be heaven.

i can't imagine pro-tools DSP cards making sense for much longer. another year or two and CPU"s will have who knows how many cores and CPU cycles to spare.. digidesign will have to reinvent itself along the model of MOTU and be an interface + software company or come up with something relevant. i know their hardware is quite specialized and allows for ultra low latency for high track counts when tracking but who cares? apogee, lynx etc are offering low latency PCIe cards w/quality converters/clocks and they are only gonna be better as time goes on.