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No reason not to open the powersupply IMO, if like me the wire coming out of the strain relief had cracked. Very poor design.

Anyway Eventide sent me a new one so there was nothing to be lost by trying to repair the old one. Its easy. You need a small hex drive socket. I got a set of these off ebay. Once you have the screws out, you will need a very sharp flat blade to break the joint, they use some glue but it is easy to part it. I used a sharpened flat scraper but you could use a stanley blade (not still in the handle).

Once you get it apart all the components come out easily. I modded mine so that instead of the moulded strain relief, it had a 2.5mm socket so that I could use any lenght cable, though you'll have to make your own, I couldn't find any pre-made ones.

Note, I fitted two sockets, but you can't power two factors from one supply, you get really bad hum.