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Just a followup, using 3.0.0[19] now.  First off, I appreciate the fact that the PF responds so smoothly to double-precision pitchbend messages.  I can nail nearly every discrete parameter value with the right pitch wheel (probably 12-bit; not the full 14-bit message).

I am finding some little quirks in the implementation, though.  Algorithms like the 910/949 don't return-to-center at exactly the expected value.  Pitch values in Micro land on 1:001, 1.003 in Normal mode, or Chromatc at 0.707.  The Crystal algo: 1c.  Most of the other algorithms are either coarse enough (diatonic modes), or really don't have an appropriate 'centered' value.

I got these numbers from sending a E0 00 40.  It seems like the 'sweet spot' for an exact unison in many cases turned out to be E0 47 3F.  With a 7-bit PB control, I can't hit "center" on these parameters at all.  Not a huge deal in any case, but a little odd for those fine-resolution parameters to land on as a center value.

No doubt that it'd be a nightmare to curve a MIDI pitchbend message to meet logical values for all parameters across all of the stompboxes.  Most parameter values seem to follow a non-linear path.   Pitch parameters … that might be a bit more appropriate.  I mention all of this here in case someone else had been getting the unusual results that I had.