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This pedal has SO much potential for bassists.  It seems such a waste that there isn't more potential for customisation so players can have more satisfying experiences using the pedal in a wider range of settings. 

Please Eventide,make a bass synth pedal for bassists with the following features from the Pitchfactor: 

1) Arpeggiator – this feature is a complete revelation.  It removes the final barrier between bass guitar and bass synth in that a bassist can sound like a keyboard bass with complete confidence. The pedal just needs more programmability so it can be used in a variety of musical settings.

2) Synthonizer – the tracking is superb, better than the mighty Deep Impact…plus sine wave is available too!   So many other manufacturers have tried but failed to match the Deep Impact since it was discontinued. The pitchfactor is potentially better!  

3) Have Synthoniser and Harpeggiator available independently (for example make them single channel rather than two channel then allow routing options between them). Then provide the ability to add octaver and chorus to the harpeggiator/synthoniser output.  This is all that would be needed for a credible bass synth pedal.

4) USB user interface for programming.  The Chunk Systems Octavius Squeezer is a fine bass synth pedal that would challenge the Deep Impact were it not for the user interface consisting of  2 knobs.  Lots of knobs are great for twiddling on the fly but for accessing and experimenting with deeper programming functions, its difficult to beat laptop editing software via USB.

I hope Eventide understand how much of a potential winner they would have in these features if they were just targeted a little.

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