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Fantastic, I'm glad you found it useful. Thanks for re-posting the link.

Since reading the article I've particularly enjoyed dialing the depth down to around 30 and then using the x-nob (delay offset) to give me more control over the pitch/eq of the effect. I tended to have the depth quite high and did not know why the delay offset was having little effect, until now.

I really would have appreciated more information such as this with the manual. I've been shifting through some of the manuals from older bits of hardware to try and figure out what each effect is doing. In a way though I guess it's kind of fun – I see each algorithm as a puzzle and I'm always learning more and more theory which lets me use them in a more-informed way.

I'm currently trying to figure-out the 'ringmod' – getting some interesting effects using the S-mod and D-mod on that one!!! As for Chorus, I go straight to Harmodulator/Micropitch/H910 on the Pitchfactor for that….