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THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That nails the delay. There is a verb or something washing it out.  What sucks is I dialed this in via a Zoom G5…sounds a lot like the Popper sound except the delays repeat….https://soundcloud.com/mike-fugazzi/attempt-at-eventide-crystals

I got the PF used, but after poking around (didn't catch there was an ET forum or I would have hit here first) people were saying it was a variant of Crystals.

 Your efforts are SO GREATLY APPRECIATED!  I am super thrilled you chimed in.

I use a modified SM58, but have moved back to a SM57.  The 57 has more handling noise, but it responds to my overdrive pedal better than the 58.

The first time I heard the effect was here:

He uses it part way through his solo at 4min.  

Your patch sounds about 99% the same.  There seems to be a bit of delay or verb washing it out a hair more, but this is so damn close!!!!  I've been trying to nail this down for like 4yrs!!!  I think the trick is that it is one single repeated delay slowed down.  The Zoom requires extra notes in there.