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I had/have an original run EHX Frequency Analyzer, and updated it with a Ring Thing.  Not enough in the bank for a Bode or modular synth module.  The F/A was an interesting effect, if limited in mainstream applications.  Noisy with age & tone suck, though.

I know where you're coming from with the SSB shifting and modulation.  The Tune function alone (found in the newer EHX) would be a great addition to any Eventide design.  Doesn't the Ring Mod algo have some type of Sync to Pitch?

In the PitchFactor / H9, I get pseudo-frequency shifting effects with the H910/H949 algo (MODERN Depth; NORMAL Scale), or the PitchFlex algo.  It doesn't produce quite the same effect on the harmonic relationships, but it's interesting (and clangorous) nonetheless.  Especially with two pitch shifters sweeping in opposite directions, experimentation on the rates of change & ratio between them, or the Hxxx 'vintage model' selected.