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First of all is there any difference between buying an H9 Max and Maxing out my H9 Core? Is there a benefit to owning the Max version?

No, they are the same.  But after April 1st the number of algorithms you'll need to purchase to max out an H9 will increase, so it will cost more after April 1st to Max out an H9 through algorithm purchases but you can take your time doing so and put up less money upfront.


Secondly if I own an H9 Max (or a Maxed out Core) and put load the algorithms onto another H9 (like a Core of the standard model) are they no Maxed out as well. If I were to sell one later on would it still have all the Max algorithms on it?

If you put the algorithms onto another H9, it's not maxed out.  You can use all of the algorithms on it, but when you sell it, it will no longer have the algorithms in your account but just the ones it came with.