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thank you for your constructive contribution.

In a more traditional acception, years ago, modulation FX were considered pretty much chorus and flanger fx. Not even the phaser was included, an effect that has been forgotten for many a year. Recently, in tha last decade, filter modulation effects have become a HUGE part of any sound/any style, from mainstream pop to underground and experimental music. So a modern *modulator* product has to include what is today's variety of effect in that field and not be limited to a chorus. Modfilter effects are a very important part of any of these products. Be assured though that ModFactor already has 5 algorithms that can create chorusing. Infact CHORUS/ROTARY/VIBRATO/FLANGER/UNDULATOR are all chorus generators w/different sonic variables. Plenty of choices and tweaks there!

Unfortunately our expectation to fit a Polymod was too optimistic. This algorithm would almost max out most of other possibilities and the product should be renamed as a Polymod Eventide rather than the current ModFactor, meant to cover a much wider variety of mod fx.

Be assured that the Undulator alone is a must to hear (and own!). Nothing sounds like it. You'll like it.