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 So yesterday i played around with my BYOC digital delay, and when i set it to it's longer delay times (i believe it goes to 600 ms), it sorta gets the kind of distortion I think Eventide was going for with the x-knob on the vintage delay. But, at its worst, my BYOC delay gets as grungy as the Timefactor set to 12 bits. Furthermore, to me, it sounds like the Timefactor's grunginess is noisegated or something, so it's either full on or full off, and it switches in an ugly way. The BYOC's grunginess is dynamic, matching my playing.

The biggest issue though is that the BYOC's grunginess is worth it because of the beautiful tonal degradation from repeat to repeat. The Timefactor's digital delay doesn't approach that kind of lo-fi beauty. You can use the filter to make the delays thinner, but i want them to get more and more lo-fi, more and more smeared with more and more artifacts with each repeat!

I played with the Electro-Harmonix SMMH this weekend. When set to high feedback or looping and noodling around, its lo-fi artifacts are downright inspiring. The pedal didn't do anything else i would be interested in though, and it's clearly inferior to the Timefactor (imho), but i do wish the Timefactor's vintage delay was more like the SMMH.