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 Here are a few clips I whipped together in about 40 minutes today. Please forgive the playing as usual.

Sorry, no band or drummer!

Here is the "Better U2 setting" posted by another member. I have never
played this song before, so I tried to play it off the cuff from what I
remember of it. I hope it sounds close. Close enough to get the idea, I


Here is a terrible little clip of me ****ing around with the 4:2 Classic Slap preset.


Here is a random, wandering clip of me playing through multiple
settings. I begin on the "Seek Wah" setting. At about 3:59 I use a
little of the Tape Delay setting. At 5:50 I switch to a band delay


Here is a clip using the 7:2 Every Lead You Fake preset. Again, I've
never played "Every Breath You Take" and the tab for it literally
popped up on my computer just before I started playing it, so please
forgive the ****ups. Anyways…