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 Hi Jb

the point has nothing to do with the cost of the product. A Boss SE-50 does gazillions of FX compared to a Lexicon PCM81 and costs what? 6 or 7 times less, right? How about the sound quality of the things both do, though?

The structures of algorithms and the used code is different from a company to another.

One may have certain results with a much heavier code that needs more expensive hardware to run and provides better sounding results. Another may fit more stuff with lighter code and sound ok.

Some stuff may just not fit in the product. Some options may not be possible because, if implemented, would take away other cool things other people love.  I strongly believe any product, particularly in the lower price range, can't possibly make everybody perfectly happy with all it offers. If TF had to make happy all the people with all their suggestions and desires….we would probably end up with a different product, a different price…who knows.

On the other hand the other product you mention doesn't offer things available in the TF. So as you see it's an area where some corners may be cut in favor of other needs. We surely listen to our customer and try our best but it shouldn't be expected that a single product could possibly be the encyclopedia of delays, even though we try our best. There are limitations we all need to live with.

We do have grunge delays in the big boxes…but that's a different thing.