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Hello, I just acquired a Time Factor as well. My intention was to use both the delays and the looper, replacing a Line 6 DL4, I notice that several users have also done this. The delays are superb, but the looper has the truncation problem explained above.

Like the other users, I'm also using an eBow to create soundscapes. It is really a pity that the looper has the bump of the truncation glitch. Its sound quality is excellent. Please, please fix this so that the crossfade between loop start and end functions correctly.

As other users mention, a reverse feature would be highly welcomed.

IDeangelis mentioned: "We know David well and what he does w/Echoplex, Pcm42, Repeater, etc is truly amazing…but our pedal is *not* a dedicated looper nor very likely it will be. It's a specialized delay pedal with some limited looping functions. These will be improved in time…but the product remains a delay."

I would comment: That is quite fine; Time Factor is a delay unit. But if Line 6 managed to put out a product with lesser audio quality and more efficiency functionwise, I believe given the higher quality and respectability of Eventide the functionality of the Time Factor should have been up to par. We don't want an Echoplex DP/PCM42/Repeater; we'd just like to have a very good basic and useful looper with no glitches… Given the higher tag price these issues should be fixed asap. I also didn't know that this box was made in China.

I wonder if I can fade the loop in and out with the expression pedal (as I did on the Line 6), hopefully it works.