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Anthony's got a point, there's phase cancellation going on there. That can be a good thing or a bad thing… it's what gives the stereo image it's width, but it can also cause a volume drop.

I think part of what's going on in the TF is due to crossfading the repeats. When the mix is 100%, it's still the first repeat that's coming out, even if the delay is set to 0ms, and even though DelayA stays on one side and DelayB on the other, I think there's still some internal crossfading going on. All digital processing takes some time (at least 1 CPU cycle), so that delay is added as well and is short so, it usually does cause phase cancellation, too.

I also think this is part of the reason Eventide added an output level adjustment to all the pedals in V3. Even though the most apparent victim of volume loss was the rotary setting on the MF, I've noticed a lot of delay settings on the TF that suffer, too, albeit to a lessor degree. Over lunch, I went back and tried this setting out (100% wet, 7ms DelayA, 0ms DelayB) and it wasn't as bad as I'd remembered it, but I'm using V3. I do remember having problems with similar settings under V2.4.

Had an idea for another way to hook this up that would allow the thickening delay to be used last in the chain and still retain stereo effects from the TF…

guitar >> TF Out1 >> amp1

……. >> TF Out2 >> thickener >> amp2

That way, you wouldn't have to worry about whether the thickening delay had stereo outputs, just set the thickening delay to 100% wet… no potential crossfading issues and no internal phase cancellation.

I've tried this with a Boss DD-3, DD-5, DM-3, and an EH DMM. I didn't like what the DMM did in this context, but the others worked well. I liked the DD-3 the best, it doesn't seem as cold as most DDLs. I liked the DM-3, too, but it changed the sound too much for my tastes on the 100% wet side.

Danut, I hope you can find a store that will let you bring in your TF (if they don't have one), maybe your amps, too, and let you experiment with the delays they have there. I know doing that in a big chain store is a real pain, but hopefully there's still a smaller local store near you that will.