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That will work in the FCB1010.  One 'Factor XMT & CLK Out to the FCB 1010's MIDI In.  Set the Config page of the Behringer's Global Configuration menu to MERGE.  MIDI Out to the next 'Factor MIDI In.  MIDI Out of that 'Factor to the MIDI In of the third 'Factor.  The 2nd and 3rd 'Factors require their OUTPUT set to THRU.

Obviously, the "master" 'Factor pedal will not be affected by the FCB 1010's MIDI commands, unless you loop #3 MIDI OUT back to #1 MIDI IN, and take great care in setting up all of your MIDI channels and such (to avoid "MIDI feedback").


thanks for that, I think you have helped me too.

Going to have a play to see if this will solve some issues I was having.

Does anyone know if there is an issue linking an out to an in on the same device?

The reason I am asking is that I figure by doing what you say I can send an out from my eclipse to the input of my controller then out from my controller (Ground Control Pro) to the input on my eclipse then run my devices I want to slave the midiclock off of from the through of the next units (Axe-FX and a Space).

So could I safely connect the Out to In on the Eclipse with a cable when not using the controller??

Sounds like a good plan and on paper it works for me.