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I doubt you're alone. To me, the only "correct" order is whatever order sounds best for you in your rig. That said, until the addition of Space, the MF was the last pedal in my chain… Here's what works best for me…

Guitar >> Compressor >> Wah >> Pre-Amp >> Volume >> Pitch >> Delay >> Modulation >> Reverb

I don't want the compressor to eat the slight volume kick provided by the wah, so the wah's 2nd. I'd rather have the volume after the pitch, but isn't due to pedalboard space limitations. Typically, I like to modulate my delays (dly >> mod) because I think the modulcation remains more distinctive, as opposed to delaying my modulations (mod >> dly), which, to my ears, tends to bury the modulations in the echos. Same reason I usually put reverb after delay, and in both cases, I don't always. But, all that's just for my benefit, works for what I do, and as always is subject to change at any time. As long as whatever order you use sounds good to you, I think that's all that really matters.