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Therefore, I assume that 2 is the more dangerous path for the majority of users, so I default to 1, with the tradeoff that it's slightly inconvenient for the more tweaker-prone out there.

I guess I belong to the loop tweaker group! So now you can only use other resolutions besides OCTAVES after you have recorded the initial loop (?). It would be better I think if the resolution state could be saved on the preset. Cause now when want say SMOOTH each time you have to first record the loop and then change the resolution to SMOOTH. When you empty the loop you have to do it all over again.

One other thing: when recording a tempo loop of 8 beats say with two chords from each 4 beats (as an example) when I change to 1/2 speed after I recorded the loop it only loops the first chord (4 beats). When you change to 1/4 speed it only loops the first two beats. On all other loopers I have it loops the whole recorded loop and not half the loop when you go the 1/2 speed. Why is this? Does it have to do with the maximum loop time? Is it only behaving like this in tempo mode?

Don't want to diss the looper in any way. Really love the looper! Because I am a live loop tweaker I just want to know it's full potential and limitations.