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I am using a separate 3 button Aux switch and it is adjusted as following:

Increment preset – Footswitch 3 (Tip+Ring)

Decrement preset – Footswitch 2 (Ring)

Left Footswitch (aka Active Footswitch) – Foot Switch 1 (Tip)

I am actually not sure is it an issue or feature 🙂 Because i need 3 buttons to operate a looper anyway. But maybe it is possible to readjust pedal switches to list presets when the looper is on. Now the looper is adjusted to the same Aux switch buttons as a preset listing buttons automatically and i have no idea how else can i readjust looper functions. There is no other alternative in Aux Switch mappings setup.

Thanks for the detailed info.  That helps so much!  

So…. I was able to duplicate this bug, it seems that somehow the PR+ and PR- functions in fact do not work properly when the Looper is in Loop Mode.  This is something we'll look at for a possible fix in the next update.  For now I offer these workarounds: 

1.  Press and hold the Right Footswitch to put the Looper into Preset Mode.  The PR+ and PR- assigned Aux switches should now work.  Unfortunately this requires the extra Press-and-hold step whenever you want to exit the Looper.  

2. We have Aux switch designations for NXT and LST.  These designations will either increment (NXT) or decrement (LST) and then automatically load the preset.  These Aux switch designations do work for Looper in Loop Mode.