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Yes, there is an other device before. At
first I use a BEHRINGER FCB 1010 Midi Foot Controller, after it the
„space“ and at last the „modfactor“ is the order of the midi
connection. I use the midi foot controller for changing presets in
„space“ and „modfactor“ and MIDI continuous dates for
Knob0-Mix on „space“ and Knob0-Intensity on „modfactor“.

Ok, there's 2 possible configurations for that:

You could first set both stompbox (modfactor and space) to midi thru. The FCB1010 will then be able to control both. You will then have to use the FCB1010 for the tap tempo too.

On the FCB1010 you have to set one switch as "momentary" and send a value of 127 for the same CC you will chose to control the Tap Tempo parameter on both stompbox. Read the "[RCV CTL] Receive Coutinuous Control messages" section of both manuals about this.

The FCB1010 will be able to control the tap tempo of both stompbox simultaneously once the "TAP" destination is set correctly on both the space and modfactor.

For the second option you will need a midi splitter/merger. Please refer to this excellent post about how to do this: