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satch4u4 wrote:

I just recently picked up a new H9 and Space. So far they have exceeded my expectations. GREAT sounding pedals. So much so, I plan on picking up a second H9 in a couple weeks to go along with them! What I am looking to do is add a line mixer. Specifically the RJM Mini Line Mixer in my rack where the pedals are located and controlled by midi. I realize that Eventides have top notch AD/DA conversion but doing this conversion a total of three times, I would assume has to degrade the signal somewhat. My setup at the moment is as follows:

Guitar into a compressor, WAH and OD into a Marshall JVM410HJS. I have the Marshall’s speaker output going to a Two Notes Torpedo Live. Mono line out from the Torpedo that goes into input 1 of the Eventide H9. Then Stereo out of the H9 into an Eventide Space and Stereo out of it to two channels on a mixer. So all effects are put in Post with the amps effects loop completly bypassed

If I go the line mixer route I plan on putting my GCX back in the rack to split the signal coming from the Torpedo Live to route a dry signal to the mixer and blend in the three Eventide pedals(killdry).

So my question is do you guys think that a line mixer would be of any benefit with three Eventide pedals in the chain? Or is the Eventide AD/DA conversion good enough to retain a great sounding signal?

With all that said I had a gig this weekend with the above setup and it sounded great! Despite not being able to use the Space pedal because it kept rebooting on me everytime the drummer would hit his kick drum. But I blame that of shooty power at the stage.

Hello satch4u4,

Instead of buying the GCX for splitting along with the mixer,i highly recommend you to buy the Masotti Midi Line Mixer.

This way,instead of wanted 1U rack space for the GCX and a half space for the RJM mixer,you will only need 1U rack space.


-the Masotti mixer offers you the splitting of your dry signal to two pers for feeding two stereo effect processors,

-with the Masotti mixer you can kill the dry signal via midi for things like soundscapes and textural things,

-via the AUXs you can change the channels of your amp via midi messages,

-and the Pots at the front panel are very handy in live situations when you want hands on control.

for your setup,i may go like this:

Guitar into a compressor, WAH and OD into a Marshall JVM410HJS.The Marshall’s speaker output going to a Two Notes Torpedo Live. Mono line out from the Torpedo that goes into the Input of the Masotti Midi Line Mixer.

From the Masotti Send1 with a Y cable to the inputs of the Eventide H9 and from the Outputs of the H9 to the Return 1 Left and Return 1 Right of the Masotti.

and the same for the Space:Send 2 from the Masotti with a Y cable to the two inputs of the Space and from Space Outputs to the Return 2 Right and Return 2 Left.

and since Stereo is the way to go,especially for the verbs,send the two Outputs of the Masotti to the FOH.(that’s why you use the Torpedo,right? in order to plug directly to the console without the need of the cabs…) 


satch4u4,i was making a small rack with this mixer(Masotti)in order to use it with the previous band that i was a member,that we use to plug directly to the console.

Now that i don’t use it anymore,i have one for sale.

If you are located at EU and you are interested,i can give you mine.


I hope i helped you…since i had a similar setup,it was easy to understand of what you want and to suggest it to you!