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nickrose wrote:

Alas, like most businesses, we do not talk about future plans. Nor can we confirm or deny any rumours.

I can understand your position, but would suggest that you look at the available products and ask yourself “will this do what I want ?” and “is it worth the money ?”. If the answer to both are yes, you know what to do.

One of the great things about technology-based products is that they get better all the time. A down side is that whatever you buy, you can be sure there will be a better one in the future. However, if you keep on waiting, you may grow old and gray.

As an example, the H9 has about 4 times the dsp power (and 1/10 the cost) of a DSP4000, which is now about 20 years old. Even with the benefit of hindsight, would you suggest to someone thinking of buying one in 1995 that they would be better to wait 20 years ?



Yeah its so true, thanks for the responce.  Its the answer to your question, “will this do what I want” that has me pausing a bit.  Its always some sort of comprimise with new gear when you have a budget.  Replacing my rack with what is currently on the market will mean one less case to carry, great sound quality, but less feautres than what I am currently used too.  I don’t like to step back!  Ah well might as well start somehwere as eventually I am going to replace it regardless!  Again thanks!