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This programming example is more efficient, with a single (essential) Setting.  And it avoids potential problems with “Value X + Value Y” to “Value X (only)” conversions.  If your CC messages on the GCP are fixed & non-consecutive, you’ll still need one Setting per CC-to-PC conversion.  Here, the range of conversions spans #16 through #19.

Keep in mind that any MIDI messages that are ‘converted’ will no longer pass through unaltered, unless you specifically program another Setting to do so.   And you’ll still need to add Setting(s) to turn H9 presets on & off via MIDI messages.  For example, if the GCP is sending CC messages with values of 127 for ON, and 0 for OFF, you can use that feature to create a similar action in the H9.

Just don’t try to power the Event Processor Plus directly from the H9.  (In your routing described here, it appears that the GCP is proving +5 VDC power to the Event Processor Plus MIDI input.)  There’s been rumors of a mod that involves simple soldering, but I haven’t seen the details.