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Ok, so the INF and FREEZE stuff showed up in Space around version 4.  I couldn't find the version 4 release notes on our new website, but I was able to dig them up from the old one.  This little official blurb describes what the meanings are for Shimmer and is in a nutshell what brock was describing (hope it helps): 

"Shimmer: PITCH FREEZE and PTCH+VRB FRZ on the FxMix knob. PITCH FREEZE locks out the pitch shifters, but feeds the

reverb, allowing you to freeze the Shimmer pitch climb at opportune times. PTCH+VRB FREEZE freezes everything, pitch and

reverb for dry soloing on top of the frozen reverb."


For deeper reference, the general algorithmic structure of Shimmer is this:


                                             |                                                                                                       |

                             Inputs –(+) -> Reverb -> Pitchsifters -> EQ Decays and Pitch Decay –>



> Outputs


The freezing generally cancels out any decay and throws the feedback loop gain to 1 (infinite decay) and quits feeding the input of the feedback loop.  While the pitch shifter is running though, it doesn't actually go infinite b/c the pitchshifter is eventually shifting energy out fo the audio range, so the loop dies out.  That's why we have two types of freeze.  You might just want to freeze that pitch climb shimmery sound but still have reverb, or you might want to lock out the pad-like reverb sound completely and solo over it, etc.