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The reset didn’t work. Just to clarify; I have 5 H9’s all at 5.3 now. They all work fine on my Gen 4 iPad, and probably any of the other iPad’s I have that will run the most recent iOS. The problem I have is with the iPad 1’s that only run 5.1.1 now, and I have 4 of those, and none of them work with the H9’s. All iPad’s are running H9Control 2.6.0.

If you want to discontinue support for the iPad 1, that’s fine, I’ll just sell the two H9’s attached to it. I’m a reasonable guy, you have to draw the line somewhere. I have a studio full of stuff; it will make little difference in the end if I have 3 or 5. But, please don’t lead with trying to tell me what a crash is; after 35 years as an engineer I know what a crash is, and it did crash. Unfortunately, I didn’t take good notes so I can’t tell you the circumstances under which the crash occured. Also, since it was a iPad 1 there is probably little overall interest in it anyway.