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Jan Geerts wrote:

I got my H9 today, and after checking out the presets, which I dig as a Fripp fan, I connected it to my Macbook via usb.

Registration went fine, but when I tried to implement the suggested software update of the H9, it always fails and says to check if the unit is connected.  It is.

Do you know at what point in the update process it failed?  Do you remember what the status message was?

When you turn your H9 on, does the display light up immediately, or is there a 10 second delay until the display lights up?  If the later, then the software that's responsible for applying the update is damaged.

There is an alternative update bundled into H9 Control.  When you open H9 Control, if you look at the Mac menu bar at the top of the screen and click on 'Window', there's a menu item to 'Open the Eventide Direct Updater'.  You could use this application to update your H9 instead, but if you have the aforementioned problem, where your display doesn't light up until 10 seconds after the H9 is powered on, you shouldn't try to update it;  you should instead email support@eventide.com.