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Bull Earwig

As someone who started with h9 Control app and has only briefly tried to use the controls, you would have to tear the app out of my cold dead fingers.

The app means you get a wonderfully rich, fun editing experience.  Experimentation being easier, gets done more.

BTW, I am a PC guy, a diehard Windows software developer and a EE who never owned any apple products.  I bought an iPad because my amp (Hughes & Kettner Grandmeister) has an awesome iPad app.

Interestingly, a very talented software developer made a Windows version of the app.  It’s actually superior, IMHO, to the one that Hughes & Kettner gives you free when you buy one of their $200 Wifi hotspots.

Eventide Engineering: if you are looking for an independent software developer who has a track record of taking an iPad app for a product like yours and making an excellent PC version of it, I suggest you visit:

Hughes & Kettner – GrandMeister Desktop Remote

and ask for “fredo.”