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Given To Fly
apelachi wrote:
Saw your video. Mine goes wack just like that. I’m hooking it up & leaving it on this week, hoping to catch it acting up so that I can record it. I wish EVENTIDE would let those of us who were *original* owners who *still* own our pedals return them for at least a $100 discount on a new one. As long as the user can validate that they are the original purchaser/owner of the pedal & this can be verified by EVENTIDE in their online registrations. Seems fair to me: you get my unusable TIMEFACTOR & I get a price break on a new one. FAIR & JUST. Reward my brand loyalty. Don’t make me go EMPRESS or BOSS…..

My PitchFactor was doing the same thing. If you contact Eventide, they will tell you how to fix it. Here is an analogy of the problem:

When headphones are not plugged in all the way, you usually only get sound on one side with some cutting “in and out” on the other side. Pushing the headphone connector all the way in, fixes the problem. The headphones were never broken, but they were not plugged in all the way. This is essentially what is happening with your TimeFactor. There is a ribbon cable inside that simply needs to be plugged in all the way. 

I fixed my PitchFactor once I understood what needed to be done. It is not hard. If you have ever changed batteries in an electronic device or used headphones, you are fully qualified to fix your TimeFactor. Again, it is not hard. yes