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This example combines many characteristics from the presets above.   Dry+multi-FX, an INF component that’s not really infinite, and sensitive toggling to FREEZE, with a dry signal overlay.  It’s a FREEZE-type effect that stays out of the way; switchable to an in-your-face FREEZE effect to perform over.

HotSwitch OFF

At default, the dry signal is followed by a one-measure PRE DELAY.  LOW- / HIGH-LEVEL and LOW / HIGH DECAY tweak the EQ & contour of the main DECAY / SIZE hall parameters.  The result is a boomy impact that fragments into an upper frequency wash.  Like biting into a SweeTart [tm].


HotSwitch ON

There are three places in the HALL algo to target INF / FREEZE:  LOW DECAY, HIGH DECAY, or the overall ‘master’ DECAY parameter (used here).  Latching the HotSwitch ON immediately locks in a strong FREEZE signal.  Dry can be played over the FREEZE drone.  Switching back to HotSwitch OFF, there’s a smooth fade, followed by disintegration back to the pre-delayed reverb default.

Expression Pedal Heel:  MOD-LEVEL  0

Expression Pedal Toe:   MOD-LEVEL  100

An under-rated modulation effect here.  It seems to me that MOD-LEVEL changes more than just the level of random modulation.  In any case, it’s a great effect.  It seems to ‘bend’ reverb and FREEZE signals, but tonality can remain centered (or not?).  I’ve set the expression pedal mapping for a full range of subtle to extreme modulation FX.  Varying the MOD-LEVEL will also hasten the DECAY of any current reverb / FREEZE FX.