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bohan wrote:
sjgowdy wrote:
I just downloaded the H9 Control app on to my Samsung Galaxy S8+ last night. Connected fine via Bluetooth to the H9 unit, but I noticed the Bluetooth ‘connected’ LED (below the Bluetooth ‘on’ LED) wasn’t lit on the H9 unit when the connection was made. This LED is lit ok when I’m connected via my iPad, so the LED is definitely working. Is this perhaps a glitch with the Android app?

The blue LED light doesn't light up when the H9 connects via Bluetooth on Android/Mac/Windows. That was a design mistake on our part. When the H9 was first released, we only supported connecting via Bluetooth to iOS devices, and that blue LED was wired up in a way so that it would only light up when connecting to iOS devices via Bluetooth.

Ahh, ok, it’s a hardware issue then? A software update won’t fix this? As long as connectivity isn’t affected, I’m happy enough..