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zyryab wrote:

Hello, anybody can help me with this:

I'm looking to create reverb pads that I can then solo over. My expression pedal is controlling MIX and the problem I encounter is the following:

Whenever I create a nice pad by playing a chord and bringing up the mix to 100, the guitar is far too wet to play single lines.

And when I dial it back to get a good lead sound, the pad is fading. I don't even need an infinite pad like a freeze, but just something that can sustain for a few seconds before I lay down the next chord/pad.

I'm using an Ernie Ball VP JR 25k, hooked up to the H9 via teh OX9. The H9 such an amzing pedal that I'm sure this has got to be possible, I just couldn't figure it out. Any help is appreciated!!

It sounds like you want a FREEZE effect, so you can play your dry solo over that. I guess you can FREEZE your reverb every time you change your chord. What algorithm are you using? You should change the EXPRESSION mapping from the MIX knob to the DECAY knob, so you can use your expression pedal to control the FREEZE function.