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javiceres wrote:
This one looks like an expanded Lexicon Prime Time /PCM 42, vintage EHX 16 Second Delay. It’s got the most important features of the DDL-500 so it is a dream come true. I’ll be getting one sooner or later without a doubt. That said, I’m hoping for an “all black edition” or something like that. I suppose there’s some sort of compander in the delay path, am I wrong? Perhaps some limiting? Soft sat? Or any type of saturation is possible cranking the feedback? May be the LPF gets dirty when doing so? It’s a promesing all purpose/no limits modulated DDL, including degenerative looper, variable sample rate style fx machine (pitch shifting, square modulation etc), clean and dirty delays, envelope flanging/combs, true vibrato, vinyl/tape warp, accel&stop fx… I’m only going to miss a feedback fx loop. I’ve seen it in analog delays, which is a bit nonsense to me, but in a long digital delay with analog feedback, that’s a dream feature I’ve used to achieve many tricks in digital patchtable units. Specially since you can bypass those fx and apply them subtly, only in certain moments, etc. I also wonder whether the Tap Tempo allows for long times so you can use it to tap the start and end of a loop. Then switch between Hold and regular feedback to achieve degradation at will. This Rose evoques Eno/Lanois, Fripp, David Torn, Radiohead and many more to me.

Sorry, I meant to get back at you in the GearPage thread, but will here as well.  There's a soft sat after the feedback mix that makes things get nicely dirty as you hit the input/feedback harder. 

Re. Tap Tempo, that's a good idea.  I'm not sure what the current timeout is for the tap tempo, but we can definitely consider extending it to phrase length (again, if possible)