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Eventide Staff
axman53 wrote:

See screenshots attached. I have a set of presets on my Galaxy S2 tablet, say L1 through L24 or thereabouts. When I save the preset list to the H9, they all transfer except location L13, which stays blank showing the location number and big plus sign indicating the slot is empty. I have tried reflashing the H9 with the latest firmware a couple of time and sending the list again, but same results. Ideas? Thank you.

Have you tried to restore factory presets and system settings?

To restore factory presets and all system settings, power up while simultaneously pressing the big Knob and the Tap footswitch until [INITIALIZING] scrolls across the billboard display. CAUTION: This function will overwrite any presets that you've saved. If you want to be able to restore one or more of your presets you must first save them to H9 Control.