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That would be a good next step. Break it Down, eliminate the song… And see if it syncs to a metronome. I sometimes get weird corrupted projects in Cubase that act weird… Maybe your MIDI outs are scrambled for unknown reasons. 

When working with MIDI, I’ve found it helpful in the past to hook up MIDI-Ox and just check what messages are actually being sent–compare them to what I ~think~ is being sent. Sometimes there are off-channel messages or something that your H9 would pick up if set to recieve Omni… Etc. 

Also.. Can you recreate this with the H9 standing alone? Because when I was testing out that patch, it was locked, no matter what I did to the tempo. If yours syncs to tempo when it is not receiving clock, but drifts when it is… That might point you in the right direction. And if you can recreate it in place, outside of your setup… That would really help us get eyes on the problem. 


Also… Can we hear this?