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Home Forums Products Stompboxes Brand new H9 Core refuses to connect by Bluetooth. Reply To: Brand new H9 Core refuses to connect by Bluetooth.

joecozzi wrote:

This is very odd indeed. Since it is a new pedal, there won’t be a problem if you just factory reset it.

Start up the pedal while simultaneously holding down the right footswitch and big black encoder for a few seconds. You should see [INITIA] pop up on the display. After a few moments, it will reset. Try pairing again and let us know if that solves the problem.

Thanks for the advice. Gave that a try and made a video of me doing it (sharing video through Google drive link below)

No luck. Taking a wild guess here, but most likely the Bluetooth chip on the board has a problem. This is so frustrating because the H9 Core units are just impossible to find right now and I was lucky to snag this one. Now I’ll have to probably wait god knows how long to work my way through all the support channels with Eventide to get a warranty replacement unit…. Is there a way I can just direct cable connect to it and reset the PIN from my PC? I’m willing to give that a shot if it’s possible.