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bohan wrote:

apalazzolo wrote:

What’s going on here? Does the rename function of the windows control app have some bugs?  Or am I doing something wrong?

Would you be able to take a short demo video? So I can follow that to reproduce this issue. Thank you.

Again, I’m sorry I can’t post a video but I have done significant testing to identify the heart of the problem.  It lies in the “rename preset” feature available from the “more” menu WHILE VIEWING THE PRESET LIST SCREEN  (… the “rename preset” feature available when viewing an individual preset is NOT problematic; it works properly).   Almost any time I try to use the preset-list-rename feature my preset immediately goes blank (well, you have to open the individual preset page to see it). 

I’ve tested this under many circumstances 1. import a preset and rename; 2. modify a preset saved to user presets and rename; 3. modify a preset not saved to use presets and rename, 4. with a fresh reboot of the control app; 5. with a fresh reboot of my computers; 6. with Windows 7 and 10 computers; etc …    It is consistent and not hard to replicate.

I now avoid the aforementioned feature/problem like the plague and “save to user presets” often and “rename” from the individual preset screen.

Please consider whether there is a bug in the control software.  Thanks.