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I have the max set up as 1 on 1 via midi to the mkii and a midi cable from the max to the core but cant figure out how to get the max to tell the core what to do.

There are many ways to accomplish communication using MIDI, but ideally you want each device to be on its own channel to truly have independent control. The only time I would have an H9 Max control a Core is if I’m running out of space on my MIDI controller. That’s not a problem on your very powerful Musicomlab.

So, set the Max to channel 1 and the Core to channel 2. You can connect from the MIDI controller out to the MIDI in of the Max and from the Max’s MIDI out go to MIDI IN on the Core. You’ll have to go into the System settings of the Max and find the MIDI a section and set the [Output] to “THRU”.

on the MIDI controller, you’ll have to send two PC messages every time, one for Max on Ch1 and another for the Core on CH2.

I’m assuming the looper sends a midi message to the max and the max switches presets on the max and core within the same midi command? My apologies for being green but any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Nope, this is not an automatic process. You have to tell the controller what to do. In order for it to work this way, both pedals would need to be on the same Channel. Each pedal would already have to be programmed with the presets you’ll be using ahead of time. So, if the MIDI controller sends program change #10, the Max will shift to preset 11 and the Core will also shift to preset 11. However, you should program a preset list into the Core to complement whatever is on your Max.

But like I said before, I still prefer each pedal in my setup to be on its own MIDI a channel, especially for controller change purposes. You don’t want both pedals reacting to the same CC messages.