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I’d like to add my “yes, and” to this post. Yes, chromatic mode in OctaVox would be sublime. And … some Eventide software to “conform” input to a given pitch without relying on 3rd-party tools would be great too.

Eventide has robust harmonization tools. But its products seem limited to relative shifts. To play OctaVox, H910, H949, and even the H-series racks in a traditional way, using absolute pitches, the input sound must first be conformed to a single pitch. Chris Messina’s setup has an AutoTune rack prior to his H8000 for that purpose.

It seems a shame that Eventide lacks a “pitch conform” solution, considering the artifacts and / or latency of non-Eventide software like AutoTune, LittleAlterBoy, etc. I’d gladly throw more money at Eventide if they developed a standalone, or made “OctaVox Ultra: Finally Playable By Non-Genius Keyboardists,” as the case may be.