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Is there an option for swapping patches in the list view of the H90 software?

Are you referring to the H90 Control software? If so, in the Edit window, on the top right, there are two arrows pointing in opposite directions. When you click on them you’re able to swap the order of the Presets within a Program.

is there a way to assign the performance (hot) knob to master output volume?


1.Press the Parameters LED button.
2.Continuously pressing Parameters will allow you to change whether you’re looking at the Program parameters (P), preset A parameters (A), or preset B parameters (B). The letter on the top left of the display indicates which set of parameters you’re working with. A short cut is pressing the P LED button above the first footswitch.
3.On the first page of Program parameters you’ll see “Out Gain” above the third Quick Knob.
4.Press and hold the third quick knob until you enter the Parameter Mapping menu.
5.Turn the second Quick Knob until Hotknob P is displayed under “Ctl Source.” You’ve just mapped the P Hotknob to the Program Out Level or Master Level.

Tip: If you want to use an expression pedal to control the Output level, you can go into the System Settings, under Global – Pedal Ctl and assign any expression pedal to Hotknob P. Another option: map an expression pedal on a Program basis by entering Parameters mode and pressing and holding the Perform knob, where you can assign the hotknob to an expression pedal.