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Eventide Staff

Sorry, it’s not quite clear what is happening.

The Factory Programs/Presets cannot be overwritten. If you save a different Program over User 1 > Program 1, you are not erasing that Program, you are saving a new Program to that slot. You can always find the Factory Programs by browsing the Program Library, select the Factory 1 List, and you can find that first Program there.

By default, the User 2 list is full of INIT (blank) Programs. If you select a Program slot and import two presets, then save the Program, you should now be able to reload that exact Program. There are no original Presets/Programs on the User 2 list, they are all blank Program slots.

The Freeze parameters of a Reverb are not Performance Parameters that can be assigned to a footswitch, you must adjust the Reverb’s decay knob to access the Freeze or Infinite settings. You can map the Decay knob to a HotSwitch, and then assign the HotSwitch to a footswitch to accomplish the same thing.

SP2016 Reverb does not have a freeze or infinite decay parameter, but all of the Space reverbs do.

Let me know if you have any other questions.