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Triad-Centered Shifting like the Harmony Man

Yes this is what I am looking for. I wasn’t specific enough in my original post, sorry. I have not played with the EHX intelligent pitch shifter, but a demo video seems to show this feature or something pretty close.

Any chance Eventide would add Triad-Centered Shifting to the H90? It’s SO, SO awesome. In fact it’s so awesome I am stuck with a 5 pound red brick with no midi control on my pedal board for the foreseeable future. It’s wild that no company has done that since DigiTech as far as I can tell.

Another thing that would be great would be the ability to directly program harmonies note-for-note. Say I want to have specific harmonies for a lead line with intervals that vary based on the note played, or have the harmonizer double or ignore low notes like for thrash. Is that something the H90 can do now or in the future? That’s kinda the holy grail for me to recreate stuff I record on records live.