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Hello Blonderehead,

I was playing with my H9 hooked up to the fx loop (parallel) of my jc – 40

It’s more ideal with the H9 to use the FX loop in series. This way, the pedal itself handles the mix between dry and wet and all you have to do is tweak Mix/Intensity controls to dial in the proper wetness.

If you use parallel, then you have to use the H9 in Kill Dry mode so that your not combining the dry signal of the parallel loop with the dry signal going into the H9. This usually causes comb-filtering, which is what you’re experiencing. Of course, if you choose to run the JC40 with a parallel FX loop, you’ll need to adjust the Mix/Intensity parameters of all your presets to achieve a proper balance. Basically, the higher the Mix control, the louder the wet effect will be.

Activating killdry didn’t help either, so I reset killdry off.

When running parallel loops, Kill dry should be set to on.

Like previously mentioned, everything was working fine until today.

Do you remember what you did differently? Could it be that you were running a serial effects loop on the JC40 before? Is it possible you made a routing adjustment in the System Setting on the H9 that caused this issue?