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H9 MaxOut Promo

There has never been a better time to MaxOut your H9!

Eligible owners of H9 and H9 Core can upgrade to an H9 Max for less. Discover new sonic dimensions with 52 effect algorithms and more than 500 presets that push the boundaries of delay, reverb, pitch shifting, modulation, distortion and more.

Upgrade Base Prices

  • H9 Standard – $120
  • H9 Core – $220

Additional discounts are available based on what algorithms you’ve previously purchased. Get your price by clicking the button below.

Hear What you’re Missing

Additional Details

  • Free and pre-installed algorithms DO NOT count toward your upgrade discount.
  • If you already own an H9 Max, you DO NOT need to purchase a MaxOut.Only one H9 Max is needed for algorithms to be available across all registered H9 devices.
  • Download the latest version of H9 Control.
  • Once you’ve purchased your upgrade, launch H9 Control > Settings > Sync Algorithms on H9 with Server.