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H9 Max Nominated for NAMM TEC Award

We're proud to announce that the H9 Max has received a nomination for Outstanding Technical Achievement in the category of: Musical Instrument Amplification & Effects

The 31st annual TEC award will take place on Saturday, January 23rd, 2016. For more information visit:

#TBT Richard Factor on NAMM 2019

Our founder, Richard Factor, shares some insights from year's NAMM Show. 

A Glimpse of the Future from the Past

In 1979, Tony Agnello had a vision. Up to that point, effect units were dedicated to a single function. There were EQs, compressors, limiters, pitch changers, flangers and phasers, but no box was powerful enough to handle more than a single, simple function. Tony saw the potential of a Digital Signal Processing box that could do much, much more.

AES 2017: One for the Books

AES 2017: One for the Books

Jack Impink here again, fresh off the boat from the 143rd AES Convention. This was actually my first AES Convention, and I believe this was an excellent one to start with. I’ll definitely be going again in the future. What a blast!



Hello to all

I have a problem with Sculpt. When I call a preset, both from the algorithm and from the others, it is bypassed and I have to press the Active switch again twice to activate it ... do you have any idea why?

Thank you

Fluid Technology and Waves

We recently caught up with the five-time Grammy®-nominated electronic music legend, Suzanne Ciani, for a chance to discuss a myriad of music technology. 

Recommendations please - MIDI Controller for multiple H9s


Hello H9 users,

I am currently trying to decide on and purchase, the best possible choice of a new MIDI foot controller to use with my three H9s.

To be honest, while I have done a lot of research myself, and I have even done a detailed comparison of features and specs in a spreadsheet ... But none of that bears the same weight as the honest opinions of experienced users - i.e. That's you.

First of all, does Eventide recommend any specific MIDI controllers that will work well controlling say, 3 H9s?