#bestNAMMyet - Eventide Audio


This was Eventide’s umpteenth year participating in Winter NAMM in LA and while it’s always fun to escape the snow and cold of winter in the northeast, this year was the best yet. In addition to making new friends and catching up with old ones, we were also honored twice by NAMM itself:

H9 Wins TEC Award

H3000 Inducted into the Hall of Fame

We proudly share this honor with Eventide alumns Ken Bogdanowicz and Bob Belcher from Soundtoys, and Dave Derr from Empircal Labs.

Time for SpaceTime

We also announced the arrival of our newest H9 algorithm, SpaceTime. SpaceTime contains three custom-built effects that can be routed in unique and interesting ways to further your studies of how the time/space continuum is affected by sound. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover a way to go back in time and stop yourself from selling that classic piece of gear in college for beer money.  Here is a sneak peek of an H9 SpaceTime limited edition. 

SpaceTime at a glance…

  • Twin Delays with controls for level and feedback
  • Modulation with controls for amount and rate
  • Reverb with controls for decay, level and color

Booth Visits

Who, you ask? Check out some of the folks who stopped by to say hello.

Steve Vai 

Stevie Wonder

Doug Wimbish (who performed 3 great bass sets at our booth)

Jeff Shroeder (guitarist with The Smashing Pumkins)

Peter Stroud (guitarist with Sarah Mclachlan and Sheryl Crow) and Greg Howard (tech for Aerosmith and AC/DC)

Asher (guitarist for Atarah Valentine)

We interviewed Asher a few months ago at Lollapalooza, check it out here: https://youtu.be/_r_e949yf8U

Simon Phillips (drummer with Toto and Judas Priest)

Neil Citron (guitarist for Quiet Riot) and Mark Wolfson

Bob Bradshaw (legendary rig designer of Custom Audio Electronics)

For more pictures, visit our facebook page.