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Summer NAMM 2015

Eventide had a booth at last week's Summer NAMM 2015 trade show in Nashville, Tennessee. It was a blast to reconnect with old friends and meet a bunch of new ones. We also had some very special news to share on our new distortion algorithm CrushStation and new features for the H9 that our customers had been requesting. Here are a couple of photos taken during the festivities.

Doug Wimbish of Living Colour and Alan Jamming

Here Alan is using H9 Control and an iPad as a live controller during Doug Wimbish's appearance at our booth. The effect (pun intended) was amazing. Doug's limited edition H9 Gold was the envy of many attendees.

Doug Wimbish and Alan Jamming Together

Alan and Ray Being Interviewed by Premier Guitar Magazine

Alan and Ray being interviewed by Premier Guitar Magazine

Bon Jovi Guitarist Phil X Stops In

Alan Chaput and Phil X

Guitar Phenom Desiree Bartlett Trying out CrushStation

Desiree Bartlett at the Eventide Booth Summer NAMM 2015

Doug Wimbish Performing at the Eventide Booth

On day three, Doug Wimbish of Living Colour performed at our booth, amazing the crowds and sharing his love of music and Eventide effects. 

Doug Wimbish of Living Colour Performs at the Eventide Booth

Alan Chaput and Ray Maxwell @ the booth: "Respect the Claw"

Alan Chaput and Ray Maxwell: Eventide Summer NAMM Both 2015

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