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Pedals with the Pros: Ken Susi of Unearth

This week on Pedals with the Pros, we catch up with Ken Susi, guitarist for the metalcore band Unearth. Ken uses very few effects live, but when he does, the H9 and Eclipse are his go-tos. 

Eventide at AES New York 2019

Join us at this year's Audio Engineering Society New York Convention at Booth #222 in the main exhibition hall, or at booth #504C in the Avid Partner Pavilion. We will be holding a number of special presentations and demonstrations at our main booth and you'll also be able to try out the H9000, H9, Rose Pedal, EuroDDL, Anthology XI plug-in bundle, iOS plug-ins and more! 

The Sounds of GLOW

This week, we catch up with Craig Wedren, Bo Boddie, and Matt Wang. Craig and Bo are two of the composers in charge of the soundtrack for Netflix’s GLOW, and Matt is their all-around master assistant. We recently learned that H910 and Blackhole had a major role in the sound of the show, so we had to get the inside scoop.

Pedals with the Pros: Josh Smith

This week on Pedals with the Pros, we got the chance to talk about effects with blues guitarist Josh Smith. As early as age 14, Josh was playing with greats like Jimmy Thackery and Joanna Connor; and after his fifth album and most recent world tour, it doesn’t look like he’s slowing down anytime soon. He has plenty to say about using the H9 live, in the studio, and in session jams. 

Reignite Strings with H9

This week, Tim Kampen, a cellist and founder of the group Reignite, takes over our blog. Reignite is a percussive string quartet that illustrates an original cinematic storyline where the music inspires the visuals.

Emika: Master of Effects

Electronic musician Emika chats with us about her live rig and studio sound. As a former employee of Native Instruments and a stalwart of the old-school dubstep scene, Emika is a master of effects. But as a longtime pianist and vocalist, she also knows more than a thing or two about performing with pedals!

H9 in the Classroom

The question, “Am I allowed to do that?” is music to my ears is when I go into a school music program and invite (or defy!) the students to try something they’re usually not allowed to do, at least in the classroom. In that hour or so that I’m there, they are encouraged to try nontraditional performance techniques, explore improvisational elements, play an electric violin or viola for the first time and experiment with effects pedals and loopers. The look on their faces when I show them all those cool sounds are coming from that little white box is priceless!

#TBT Richard Factor on NAMM 2019

Our founder, Richard Factor, shares some insights from year's NAMM Show. 

Heaven on Cloud 9 (H9!)

This week on our Pedals with the Pros feature, Larry Mitchell cut some time out of his busy schedule to chat with us. He had tons to say about the H9, so we figured it would be better if he just said it all himself… blog takeover!


From Phasing to Flanging

Like the Instant Phaser, the Instant Flanger quickly found a home in studios and band rigs worldwide. When Led Zeppelin performed “Kashmir” live, they used the Flanger. (The Instant Phaser was on the studio recording, but the Flanger nailed it live.) Stanley Clarke used it across multiple albums. Isao Tomita also used the Instant Flanger on Kosmos and The Bermuda Triangle. Frank Marino toured with the Instant Flanger. And Jonathan Wilson still uses one today.