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BD960 Upgrade Information IMPORTANT!

Read and understand the release notes below before continuing!

In order to load the software info your BD960, you will need to connect it to your PC's serial port and use the program provided to transfer the program. This should work with WIN 95, WIN 98, WIN NT, and WIN 2000 as well as Windows XP (but not WIN 3.1). We recommend using the default settings and closing all other applications before performing the download. Further information and trouble-shooting tips may be found at are in our Technote #207. Any upgrade listed below incorporates all lower numbered upgrades, Here is the procedure: Using your browser, download the update application. If the browser doesn't automatically give you the option to "save the file to disk" you may have to right click on the link or hold the key while clicking on it.

Some Browsers allow an "Open" option, in which case the following step can be skipped.

"Run" the downloaded file (usually bd960_xxx.exe) by finding and double clicking on it in the "MY COMPUTER" window. Set up the COMM port under the COMMS SETUP. We recommend that you use the default settings and also that you close ALL other applications - avoid Web browsing or other computer-intensive work during the download.

Click on the HELP button on the window that OUPDATE opens for transfer instructions.

Power down the BD960.

Then hold down the RECORD key and power up.

Wait until five seconds after the RECORD light comes on and goes off, leaving just the POWER light illuminated. Then release the RECORD key.

The BD960 is now in update mode.

On the Oupdate program, hit SEND. If all is well, it should display "Erasing .." after a few seconds, followed a minute later by "Copying ..". If the transfer successfully completes ("Success"), hit FINISHED to exit from the Oupdate program, and power down the BD960.

Re-initialize the BD960 by powering on, then holding down the DELETE key when the DELAY ACTIVE led starts flashing and keeping the key held down until the led lights steadily. This will erase any recorded jingle. BD960 V1.131 Release Notes This Upgrade is already incorporated in units with Serial Numbers T-001290 and above.

If you already have V1.130 installed and either do not use recorded jingles or only use stereo jingles it is recommended that you do not perform this upgrade.

V1.131 provides the following improvements over its predecessors: A problem where recorded jingles may have their channels exchanged has been fixed. BD960 V1.130 Release Notes This Upgrade is already incorporated in units with Serial Numbers T-001230 and above. V1.130 provides the following improvements over its predecessors: Startup time from power-on is reduced. A problem where, after a period of inactivity the first keypress can be ignored, has been fixed. Macintosh Compatibility The above procedure is for use with standard PCs. It is not supported on the Macintosh platform. However, we have been advised that the procedure can be made to work on a Mac using PC emulation software. 


BD960 Manual
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